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Bajaj Finserv visited our campus in August 2022 for the ILP role for Bajaj Finance, Bajaj Finserv Health, FINSERV Markets on Web Development, Mobile App… Read More
Registered: 01st August 2021 Preplacement talk: 01st October 2021   Round 1(1:30hrs): 01st October 2021 Programming questions(medium level) Total number of questions: 2 Multiple Choice… Read More
This was on-campus hiring by Celebal technologies for the 2023 batch. All branch B.Tech / MCA final years were eligible to sit for the first… Read More
Shortlisting was done first based on the resume and the CGPA as criteria. I was one of the luckiest. Round-1 : 3 sections 1st Section… Read More
ISS Governance visited us for the first time, the eligibility for the registration was CGPA >7.0 and no live backlogs /ATKT. There were 6 JD… Read More
Round 1: Online Round (Platform – HirePro) Quantitative Aptitude • Questions – 20 Ques• Time – 30 mins Programming MCQ • Questions 20 Ques• Time – 30… Read More
PhonePe visited our college, PEC – Chandigarh on 3-4 August – 22, and everything was conducted in Offline mode. Eligibility Criteria: Open to all branch… Read More
For my campus, TCS was visited at the beginning of July Month. Initially, They have kept a test called NQT(National Qualifier Test) across all Tier-I… Read More
Swiggy visited our campus for Software Engineer as well as Software Engineer in Test Role. Round 1(Coding Round): This one happened for 90 mins where… Read More
Online coding Round (1 hour 30 minutes): We were asked 2 coding questions. One was based on Floyd Warshall’s algorithm and the other one was… Read More
Recently Sabre Corporation visited our campus for recruiting 2023 batch students. The eligibility criteria was as follows: Education : BE-CSE,ISE,ECE,EEE,EIE,ETE & ML CGPA : 7… Read More
Difficulty: Medium Accolite visited our campus to hire for an intern+full time engineer role in August 2022. It was a virtual placement drive. Around 300… Read More
In my 4th year, I gave an interview on AMAZON for the SDET Role. My interview went for 1 hour. Firstly I was not able… Read More
Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt 2022  I applied through Superset. After applying I get Credentials  Assessment Credentials: My Exam Date & Time: Sun, Feb 20,… Read More
Oracle visited our Campus for two roles i.e., NetSuite(Associate Software Engineer) and Server Technology(Member Technical Staff). This year the test pattern for the first round… Read More

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