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Role – Software Development Engineer Round 1: This round was conducted on HackerRank platform. Round 1 consisted of 15 MCQs and 1 coding problem.  The… Read More
Accolite Digital Interview Experience for  Software Engineer (On-Campus) for batch 2022 Placement Process: Round 1(MCQ Round): Questions based on Java, DBMS, Networks, OS, DSA, find… Read More
Recently, Auriga IT visited our campus to hire for the role of Associate Software Engineer for the 2022 batch. There were overall 3 online rounds… Read More
Software Development Engineer – UI. On-Campus Recruitment Process. Consists of 2 Rounds.  Round 1(Online Test): Online Test on HackerEarth platform. Consisted of about 20 technical… Read More
Round 1(Online Coding Test): Around 230 students appeared for the test. The first round was conducted on the HackerEarth platform which included one coding question… Read More
BorgWarner visited our campus for Associate Engineer Role. Only EC related branches were allowed to sit for the process. There were a total of 3… Read More
Online Coding Round: This round consisted of 5 coding problems to be solved within an hour on HackerRank Platform. Students who were able to solve… Read More
Round 0: Resume Shortlisting or Eligibility Criteria – [Masters Student in Computer Science or Electronics] with 6.0+ C.G.P.A throughout Round 1: Written Test [60 Questions… Read More
Wells Fargo visited my college for both internship and FTE selection process 2022. For the FTE –   Out of 200+ students, 140 were shortlisted… Read More
The complete process, starting from PPT to announcing results, was completed in 3 days in the month of June 2021. Eligibility: CSE (7.5+ CGPA), ECE… Read More
Interview Experience -Mathworks-EDG-OnCampus-FTE + 6Months Internship Hello there! Mathworks visited my college on 10 Aug 2021 for hiring both FTE and internship positions. Out of… Read More
Round 1(Online Test on HackerRank): It consisted of 15 MCQs and one coding question. MCQs were based on DSA, DBMS, OS. Coding question: Count distinct… Read More
Role – Technical Consulting Engineer(FTE 2021) Round 1(Online Test – 1 hr): Consisted of around 24-25 MCQ ranging from topics like Networking, SQL, Python, Java,… Read More
Company – Josh Technology Group  Profile – Frontend Developer (Intern + FTE) Total Rounds – 7 NOTE – STL/Libraries Not allowed Description:  Round 1: Online… Read More
The interview was conducted in two phases: First Phase: Platform – Talview Second Phase: Interview – Monjin Platform PHASE 1:- Round 1(Aptitude): This round consists… Read More