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Difficulty Level: Easy-Medium Date – 20/09/2021 Round 1 – 45 mins: Introduction        Discussion about projects        Create a class of… Read More
Hello everyone, Zeus-Learning visited our campus for on campus placements for the role of Software Developer. The interview process is as follows: Round 1: The… Read More
“Welcome to ECOLAB” These are the words that every aspirant reading this article is desperate to hear. A few days back, I was also one… Read More
ICICI’s selection process consists of two rounds: Resume Screening Online Test Technical Round+HR Resume Screening: While resume screening isn’t extremely significant in on-campus interviews, it… Read More
I was interviewed at Accenture for the post of Associate Software Engineer(ASE) which was on campus. Accenture’s selection process consists of four rounds: Round-1: Aptitude:… Read More
Visa Inc. came to our campus for placements. There was one online test on hackerrank and 3 PI rounds. Round-1: Online Test(90 mins): Two DSA… Read More
Microsoft came to our campus for the SWE-1 role. A total of 300+ students applied for its recruitment drive. I was also one of the… Read More
C-DOT visited our campus for a full-time role, post as Research Engineer, and the location given by the company is Bangalore/Delhi. Eligibility: CGPA Criteria: General… Read More
This problem was asked in the OA rounds of Gojek during my On-campus internship in 2022. The problem statement goes as follows: There are n… Read More
More than 600 students from my university were shortlisted to attempt the online assessment. The cutoff for shortlisting was 9 CGPA and 80% in 10… Read More
The company visited our college in September 2022 for hiring. Round-1: In this round, there were 3 DSA-based problems of easy-medium level. There were different… Read More
Round 1: Online Test: 90 min Mathematical Reasoning C based MCQs C++/Java MCQs (attempt anyone) Python MCQs (bonus) 2 Coding questions:  Maximum Difference Between Increasing… Read More
Fidelity Investments visited Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore in the month of September 2022 for the Summer Intern Role for 2023. The application for applying… Read More
Online Assessment: The test duration was 3 hours. It was conducted on mettl platform. The test consisted of 65 questions and there were 7 sections.… Read More
The genc elevate can be given by CS, IT, and ECE. The other branches can apply for Genc. Round 1: This round has 3 coding… Read More

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