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Sophos Technologies had visited our campus in September for the role of Software Development Engineer. The drive comprised of One Written Round and One Face… Read More
Round 1: It was an online aptitude and programming test comprised of 30 questions on aptitude, 3 programming questions with the time given was 1… Read More
Amadeus visited our campus in September, 2018. They came for 2 profiles: 1) Software Developer 2) Quality Assessment. We had basically four rounds which I… Read More
Wipro came to our campus ( National Institute of Technology, Srinagar ) on 08/09/2018 for the role of Project Engineer. Round 1: This was a… Read More
CTC : 3.3 Lakhs per annum Very easy interview Position Software Engineer On Campus. Initial round was of aptitude round. Round has programming questions, programming… Read More
Round 1: (Aptitude Test) The first round was the Aptitude Test. There were 14 MCQ questions and one coding question. The duration of the test… Read More
Round 1:Aptitude Test Total Time = 60 min Number Of questions = 70 Platform = CoCubes  [ EveryOne gets different set Of Questions ] Three… Read More
Round 1: Pen and Paper test on Aptitude and C, C++ Fill in the blanks ( mainly focused on tracing Recursions and Pointers ). Duration… Read More
Recently Deutsche Bank (DB) visited our campus for hiring FTE. Their interview procedure was as follow:- Round 1(Online Round): This was conducted in Hackerank. There were… Read More
Round 1: There was an online coding round on 10th of September, 2018, For which about 50 candidates had come. I will come directly to… Read More
Rounds: 1.Technical Round(Basics) F2F(15-20min) 2.Technical Round(In-depth & Real Time Scenarios)F2F(40min) 3.HR-Round(Very Sound enough ques. that may confuse the candidate). (40min) I attended the ITC Infotech… Read More
Round 1: The first round was a coding round hosted on the HackerRank platform. There were 3 questions and we had 75 mins to solve… Read More
I went till 4 rounds out of 5. Our college has 3 branches, ETC, IT, CE, all were branches were eligible for appearing. There were… Read More
Recently I was interviewed for CarWale for  SDE-1 position on Campus. Round 1:Written Technical (coding): This was an online coding test held on HackerRank.There were… Read More
Expedia visited our campus for interns on 5th Sept.  Round 1: Online technical round hosted on Hackerrank. This round comprised 2 coding questions and 10… Read More

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