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Vihaan Network came to our campus for the role of software engineers and allowed (CS, IT, ECE) (CSED All) and MCA. There are… Read More
Perfios had recently come to our college to recruit interns and full time employees for the role of Software Developers. We had to go to… Read More
Infosys came to our campus for Systems Engineer profile. First Round (1st Day) General Aptitude 10 questions in 25 minutes from Quantitative aptitude 10 questions… Read More
Samsung R&D Bangalore visited our campus for Internship. Exam was conducted in cocubes platform. Round 1 was of 2 hours duration. 1 hour for MCQs… Read More
Round 1(Online Test): There were three questions on cocubes: First(2 marks): Second(3 marks): Find the smallest number which when appended to given number will… Read More
Online Hackerrank Test:  A total of 3 questions were asked and about 90 minutes were given to solve them.   Check valid parentheses Anagram related question… Read More
Online Round: The online round had two sections CS and quant of 1 hour each. CS section:   Interview round 1: Tell me about yourself… Read More
In July 2018 Thoughtworks visited our campus for recruitment. We had total 5 rounds out of which later 3 interview rounds were held at Thoughtworks,… Read More
ThoughtWorks visited our college for campus hiring. Total 170+ students appeared for this company.The selection process contain following rounds: 1. Short coding round 2. long… Read More
Following are the details of my interview with Goldman Sachs. Round 1: Online Coding Round on Hackerrank (1 hours 30 mins) The online test was… Read More
Round 1: It was an online round conducted on Hackerrrank of 2 hours. The test had 4 sections- It comprised of 10 questions on English… Read More
Citicorp Pune,  visited our campus to offer summer internship. Lat year they opened for circuital branches only and while having interview they asked our placement… Read More
The company visited us in September, 2018. It was on campus placement for T1.  Round 1: Online Test The test was hosted on Mettl. You… Read More
First Round: It was an online round conducted on mettl.There were total 56 questions to be solved in around 75min(I don’t remember that exactly).25 out… Read More
Oncampus(But after assessment they call to office Mandideep Bhopal) “No Hire Just Fire” After going at office 30MIN PPT begins In ppt HR said that… Read More

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