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I decided to write this article to help my fellow juniors with there interviews. I am not saying everything which I write in this article… Read More
Campus: IIT Dhanbad 2019 Round 1: Online coding challenge There were two sections in this round. Section 1 consisted of two questions and Section 2… Read More
Given an array seats[] where seat[i] is the number of vacant seats in the ith row in a stadium for a cricket match. There are… Read More
Interview was conducted in Bangalore for MS hyd  team. (Experienced, Pool Recruitment ) Round 1 Explain about yourself Explain hash map in java Explain the… Read More
Round 1:  Question-1 : Reverse Linklist (Using both method recursive as well iterative in O(n) time.) Question-2 : Resolve an compile dependency. Round 2: Question-1… Read More
It was a bulk-hiring process, where they had flown in interviewers from Hyderabad. Around 40+ candidates of more than 3 years of experience had been… Read More
Location: Hyderabad Round 1: Round 2: Round 3: Design Change game (LLD) Egg drop from ladder problem. Show big image… Read More
It was an on-campus recruitment. There were five rounds Round 1: Online Assesment on 5/11/19 There were three coding questions. Its was a question where… Read More
Round-1) Written test conducted on There was a pool of questions out of which everyone got 3 questions in 1.5hr. The questions were of… Read More
Online Round: This round was held in There were three quetions in a set and different sets for each students. Given coefficient of a… Read More
Team Name: Azure DevOps Round 1 Given an array of probability distribution, generate a function to return a char with given probability. str=[‘a’, ’b’, ’c’]… Read More
Online Round : Online Round was conducted on mettl platform 1. Simple Array manipulation question 2. 3. Simple dp question Group Fly Round : Run… Read More
Microsoft was the very first company to visit our campus for summer internship 2020. There were total 5 rounds: a) coding round b) Group fly… Read More
Microsoft came to our campus on 31st of July 2019 . It was open for students of nearly all the branches having CGPA 7 or… Read More
So, recently, Microsoft had come to our campus for internships and out of around 150 people, 10 were selected. This is my experience of the… Read More