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In the month of March, I gave an online competition called Codess.  It had some basic questions on DSA(linked list, queues, stacks, heaps). These were… Read More
I would like to share my Microsoft interview experience in this post so that it can be helpful for the students preparing for the upcoming… Read More
Online Round: My set contained the following three questions:- The Largest Sum of Contiguous Subarray. Evaluate Postfix expression. Dice Throw DP-30 I was able to… Read More
1. ONLINE ROUND [ONE TEST 2019] [90 mins] This round was open to students from all the Institutes across India. This round had 3 coding… Read More
All the rounds were completely virtual and interviews were held at Microsoft Teams except for round 1 which took place at I was also… Read More
There were 3 rounds of interview in total 2 technical (DS/ALGO) and 1 hiring manager round  Round 1 (Technical round): 1)  Level order traversal of… Read More
Microsoft IDC came to our campus for hiring summer intern in area of software development. My experience was really awesome as I had given my… Read More
I got a chance to appear for the Microsoft internship program. It was an amazing experience. I think it may help to others so I’m… Read More
In 2020, Google and Microsoft are very well established and are known worldwide. Google and Microsoft, both are American multinational technology companies. They are known… Read More
Azure DevOps is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that provides several tools for better team collaboration. It also provides tools for automated build processes, version control,… Read More
Microsoft gives an opportunity to all undergraduate and postgraduate students for 2 months summer internship program. The basic criteria to apply for Microsoft internship program… Read More
ROUND 1: It was an online coding round. There were 3 coding questions to be solved in 90 minutes. The questions were: 1. There are… Read More
Given a binary tree, a target node and an integer K, the task is to find all the nodes that are at distance K from… Read More
Given a Binary tree, the task is to find the number of visible nodes in the given binary tree. A node is a visible node… Read More
Round 1: Online Coding Test I was in my T.Y. B.Tech. (Sem 5), when Microsoft visited our campus for offering 2 months summer internship. First… Read More