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Round 1: Aptitude Round 2: 2 questions from data structure Round 3: Group fly round Find the least common ancestor of two nodes in a… Read More
Given a list of contacts which exist in a phone directory. The task is to implement search query for the phone directory. The search query… Read More
Round 1: Coding Q.1 A 5*5 matrix of spiral order is Now for an N*N spiral matrix filled similar to one given above, find element… Read More
1. Phone Interview Tell me about yourself Questions related to kernels(difference between linux OS/kernel and windows OS/kernel) Difference between Process and thread // 32 bit… Read More
Online-screening test: It was of around 90 minutes and was divided in 3 individual tests as follows: 1st test: Non-technical mcq(40 minutes: 40 questions) Quantitative… Read More
Given a set of positive integers, find all its subsets. The set can contain duplicate elements, so any repeated subset should be considered only once… Read More
Microsoft (IDC) had come to my campus to recruit FTEs and summer interns. The selection procedure involved an online coding round, Group-fly round and 2-3… Read More
Microsoft came to our campus to recruit FTEs for MS-IDC. The selection procedure involved a total of 5 rounds, at the end of which 5… Read More
Around 150 students appeared for the test. Round 1 (75 minutes): Online coding round hosted on HackerRank . Three coding questions were asked. Given a… Read More
Recently , Microsoft visited our campus for recruiting FTE for MS-IDC division. Around 150 students appeared for the test. Round 1(75 minutes): Online coding round… Read More
Microsoft Visited our campus  for Internship selections on IDC and IT profile. There were three rounds for the selection process of IDC profile First Round :Coding… Read More
Recently, Microsoft visited our campus for recruiting interns for their IDC and IT divisions. Round 1 It was an online coding round hosted on HackerRank.… Read More
Given a dictionary of words, find all strings that match the given pattern where every character in the pattern is uniquely mapped to a character… Read More
Round 1 : (1hr 15 min) Online test on CoCubes contains 3 Coding Questions Calculate difficulty of a given sentence. Where difficulty of a word… Read More
Round 1 – It was on online coding round hosted on It was a 75 mins round consisting of 3 coding questions only. given… Read More