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Due to covid-19, this year’s hiring procedure was purely online. The eligibility criteria this year was as follows: Undergraduate CGPA- 7.5 Class XII- 80% Class… Read More
Given an array arr[] consisting of N positive integers, and an integer K, the task is to find the maximum possible even sum of any… Read More
Round 1: Delete Nth node from the end of the given linked list. I gave the straight forward solution and tested it in codility. Traverse… Read More
Microsoft visited our campus to hire pre-final year students for the Software Engineering Intern role. Around 270 students appeared for the online test. Online Test:… Read More
Recently Microsoft arrived at our campus for an internship. It was open for CSE with CGPA 7 or above and for EEE, ECE with CGPA… Read More
Given an array arr[], where each element represents the maximum number of steps that can be made forward from that element, the task is to… Read More
Given a binary string str, the task is to remove the minimum number of characters from the given binary string such that the characters in… Read More
Round 1 (Written) : 62 mcq questions in 1 hour. The level of paper was tough. Only 7 were shortlisted. The questions was based on… Read More
We had Microsoft internship drive on campus for SDE and ML profiles. All rounds were online because of COVID. Students who had 8 CGPA and… Read More
Round 1: It was an online test with 3 coding problems. All the problems that Microsoft asks are available as far as I know.  It… Read More
Recently Microsoft visited our campus for internships. They had a coding round which was followed by 3 interviews ( 2 technical and 1 HR). Online… Read More
Given two integers N and E, where N represents the number of full water bottles and E represents the number of empty bottles that can… Read More
In the month of March, I gave an online competition called Codess.  It had some basic questions on DSA(linked list, queues, stacks, heaps). These were… Read More
I would like to share my Microsoft interview experience in this post so that it can be helpful for the students preparing for the upcoming… Read More
Online Round: My set contained the following three questions:- The Largest Sum of Contiguous Subarray. Evaluate Postfix expression. Dice Throw DP-30 I was able to… Read More