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Round 1:online test There were 3 questions :OT Delete m nodes after n nodes in a linkedlist Find day of a date if 1 jan… Read More
Round 1: Write a method to search pattern in a given string; (naive solution) but working code with all edge cases. Write a method that… Read More
The complete process consisted of an online coding round, a group fly round and three technical interviews. Online Coding Round: There were 3 “function problems”… Read More
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Microsoft IDC visited our campus on 25th August, 2018 for on campus internships. They set CGPA cut off as 7 for applying. Round-1(Online test) The… Read More
1st Round (75 mins) Online coding round hosted on CoCubes: Round of to nearest 10s multiple. If units digit of the given number 10 26==>30… Read More
The first round was the basic elimination round- online coding test. There were sets of questions and everybody got 3 random questions from it. The… Read More
Microsoft conducted online round in August 2018 at our institute. Around 270 students applied for the test. Round 1(Online): It was conducted on CoCubes and… Read More
Online Coding Round : This round was conducted on Cocubes. There were 3 coding questions for which time alloted was 75 minutes. There were various… Read More
Microsoft visited NIT Jalandhar on 6th August, 2018 for hiring. approximately 250 students were eligible for 1st round. Round 1: (coding round) (75 MINUTES)It was conducted… Read More
Microsoft visited Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology for hiring. The first round was on cocubes. There were different sets and the questions that I… Read More
Microsoft visited BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus for placements in August, 2018. The detailed process was as follows: Round 1: Online Coding, 75 Minutes, 3 coding… Read More
Round 1: First round was machine test that comprised 3 questions. Given an array of numbers in range (0 – 49) and queries having start… Read More
Given a string, the task is to find the average of ASCII values of characters in the string. Examples: Input: str = "for" Output: 109… Read More
Microsoft recently visited our campus IIT ROORKEE. The selection process was as mentioned below. First round was an online coding round consisting of three questions… Read More