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Maven is a build automation tool that is used for java projects for various activities like dependency management, building the project, documentation, unit testing, etc… Read More
Apache Kafka allows you to decouple your data streams and systems. So the idea is that the source systems will be responsible for sending their… Read More
In the software industry, contents are transferred or portable via various documents with formats like TXT, XLS, or PDF or even sometimes with MP4 format… Read More
In the software industry, presentations play a major role as information can be conveyed easily in a presentable way via presentations. Using Java, with the… Read More
In the software industry, information needs to be portable and hence any valid data is available in XLS and XLSX formats i.e. excel formats. In… Read More
AsciiDoc is nothing but a text document mainly used to prepare help documents, and documentation on various concepts like documenting web pages, product review pages,… Read More
Always a software project is prepared and tested as an individual unit. We pass different scenarios and expect the original values should match. One such… Read More
XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and it is widely used in many places for software projects. Whenever we need to port information across multiple… Read More
HTTP Client can provide synchronous and asynchronous request mechanisms via the following three core classes: HttpRequest: Request that needs to be sent via the HttpClient.… Read More
In software programming, there are many instances where we need the usage of LinkedHashMap and LinkedHashSet. LinkedHashSet Though HashSet is available, if we need the… Read More
In many software, we will be working with HashMap and HashSet and always there is confusion exists that when to use HashMap and when to… Read More
In this article let us see a much-required functionality that is credit card validation as well as its relevant JUnit test cases for given credit… Read More
Any web/mobile/console application should be error-free and hence it has to undergo a lot of validations. In this article, let us see how to validate… Read More
For the sample project, below mentioned tools got used Java 8 Eclipse IDE for development Hibernate ORM, Spring framework with Spring Data JPA MySQL database,… Read More
The quality of software should be of a high standard and then only it is liked and used by most people. A good programmer is… Read More

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