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Total 3 Round Machine Coding Round (120 min) Problem Solving and Data Structures (60 – 90 min) Hiring Manager Round (45 min) Round 1(Machine Coding… Read More
TCS ninja registrations started on July 16th 2021. Test was on 9th September.   The test included the following sections:- Verbal ability (24 question –… Read More
Test: There were three questions in the test. The students who solved all three questions were shortlisted for interview. After result 10 students were shortlisted… Read More
Applied on LinkedIn. After a few days, I received an invitation call for scheduling my Interview. Interview date: 18 Dec 2021 Interview Platform: Google meet… Read More
Online Assessment  – There were a few MCQs and 2 coding questions. I didn’t remember the exact questions but both were of easy-medium category. Luckily,… Read More
Applied through HackerEarth coding challenge for 6 months+ experienced Round 1(Hackerearth Round – Coding Challenge): Two questions were asked to solved. Based on the priority… Read More
Hello my fellow geeks!! Today I am sharing my Zensar Technologies complete recruitment process. Zensar Technologies came to my campus and we were asked to… Read More
Hello everyone, CropIn visited our campus in August 2021 for full-time roles for the 2022 graduating batch. The entire process was concise, well-structured, and was… Read More
Round 1(Online Test): It’s an Assessment conducted online on their Own Platform. It consists of 4 sections. Section 1 – Aptitude Section 2 – Verbal… Read More
VMWARE visited my college for campus hiring in October. The hiring process was 2 days long and approximately 400 students appeared in the online assessment.… Read More
InfoEdge is a popular Internet based company offering services in various fields such as recruitment (, real estate (, matrimony (, and education ( InfoEdge… Read More
Luxoft – A DXC Technology Company Interview Experience for Technical Consultant Position. Luxoft recruiter reach me through phone call saying we found your resume quite… Read More
Indeed visited our campus (IIT Hyderabad) for SDE and Data Engineer roles. There was resume shortlisting based on GPA and department. There was 1 Technical… Read More
ZS Associates came to our campus with 3 roles, for 6-month Internship + FTE Role: Business Technology Solutions Associate (BTSA) Business Operations Associate (BOA) Data… Read More
Difficulty Level: Hard Company Details: Campus: IIT (BHU) Interview – Day 0 ( 16 people shortlisted for interviews ) Verdict – Selected ( 5 candidates… Read More

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