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I had appeared for the LTI recruitment process in September 2020. I think cracking the LTI process should not be a hard thing if you… Read More
Round 1: This round was conducted on Cocubes, this test consists of Basic Aptitude and Technical Questions(Java, OS, DBMS, CN). It is a 60 mins… Read More
Road Map: Applied through Got an assessment to complete in 1 week’s time. Got a call from HR for a telephonic interview. Telephonic interview.… Read More
Samsung R&D Bangalore has started a student program, called PRISM, which offers students a chance to work on real-world projects, interact with top technical experts… Read More
Background: 2021 Passout, applied over LinkedIn.  First Round :  Resume Selection and Phone Screening by HR. Introduce yourself. Are you ready to work on dotNet… Read More
Buyhatke Interview Experience Coding Round: There was a coding round consisting of 4 questions. These were hard problems involving concepts like dynamic programming and binary… Read More
There were 2 Rounds on CV selection, 1 Online Coding Round and 2 Technical Rounds, and 1 HR Round. Coding Round: Total 4 questions were… Read More
ROUND 1(1st Coding Round): Date:- Last week of March 2020 This will be an online coding round comprised of 3 questions in total with a… Read More
Hey everyone, I hope all is well with you!!  I cracked Hashedln off-campus through LinkedIn. I message to employees from HashedIn, and from one of… Read More
Round 1(Coder Pad & Zoom):  The interviewer had a look at my resume and asked about my current project and technology stack that I am… Read More
I recently interviewed by Google Taiwan. It was a smooth process and thanks to Google for that.  At the start, I was given a chance… Read More
Hi people, I was interviewed for Amdocs using virtual interviews. There were 3 rounds– Online Assessment: The test link was sent by email. It was… Read More
Hi… TCS interview was one of the craziest interviews I have attended. Please have the patience to read my story:p Without any interest, I have… Read More
Online: 5 Programming Questions (easy to medium difficulty) Technical Round 1: Check whether an array has duplicates Wrote code on notepad using sets (n +… Read More
I applied through referral and after few days got the call for interviews. Round 1: Complete code for stock span problem using class and functions( … Read More