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Eligibility: 5 CPI and above 207 students were eligible for coding roundHey geek! It's time to become a success story instead of reading them. Check out… Read More
Our college is a premium college(PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY).TCS Digital visited our campus on July 2 2019. Round 1: Online testHey geek! It's time to… Read More
My interview venue was Gandhinagar-Garima park. My reporting time was 7.30 am. First of all we were taken in Rendez-Vous hall in which HR vanitamam… Read More
Round 1: Online Test 15mcq and 2 coding questionsHey geek! It's time to become a success story instead of reading them. Check out our most… Read More
Goldman Sachs visited our campus for both campus placements and internships. Round 1: Online TestHey geek! It's time to become a success story instead of… Read More
Round 1: First round was an online test consisting of 2 coding questions and 28 MCQ’s. Level of coding questions was unexpectedly easy. Everyone had… Read More
Online test: The were 10 MCQs on computer science concepts (data structures, Java, c++) and one coding question on DP which is geek! It's time… Read More
Online test: There were 6 MCQs and 2 coding questions. MCQs were on graphs, segment trees, interpolation, sorting algorithms.Hey geek! It's time to become a… Read More
Netskope came to our campus in the first week of August, around 230 students applied for it initially. Round 1:Hey geek! It's time to become… Read More
The process started with an online test consisting of 10 multiple-choice-questions(15 minutes) and one programming question. There was a catch about the online round. We… Read More
I have applied for this opportunity on their carrier website. There were 5 rounds in total. Round 1: This round was a test on mettl. There… Read More
Schlumberger gave a visit to my Campus for recruiting 3rd year Btech students as interns for different roles. They outsourced the initial shortlisting to… Read More
Round 1:(Online Test Round) This round consists of 10mcq’s from cs core subjects like Os, ds, Algo and programming questions from java and c++.Hey geek!… Read More
   Online Round: It was a 3 hour long contest and we were given one problem to solve in the given time. Hey geek! It's time to… Read More
Round 1: Telephonic Round 1  Discussion about technologies I have worked on. What is IoC? How it is related with dependency injection? What are the advantages… Read More

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