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tac command in Linux is used to concatenate and print files in reverse. This command will write each FILE to standard output, the last line… Read More
showkey command in Linux is used to examine the codes sent by the keyboard. showkey prints to standard output either the scan codes or the… Read More
tracepath command in Linux is used to traces path to destination discovering MTU along this path. It uses UDP port or some random port. It… Read More
stty command in Linux is used to change and print terminal line settings. Basically, this command shows or changes terminal characteristics. Syntax: stty [-F DEVICE… Read More
lshw(list hardware) is a small Linux/Unix tool which is used to generate the detailed information of the system’s hardware configuration from various files in the… Read More
sum command in Linux is used to find checksum and count the blocks in a file. Basically, this command is used to show the checksum… Read More
cvs(Concurrent Versions System) command in Linux is used to store the history of a file. Whenever a file gets corrupted or anything goes wrong “cvs”… Read More
autoheader command in Linux is used to create a template file of C “#define” or any other template header for configure to use. If the… Read More
nmcli is a command-line tool which is used for controlling NetworkManager. nmcli commnad can also be used to display network device status, create, edit, activate/deactivate,… Read More
w command in Linux is used to show who is logged on and what they are doing. This command shows the information about the users… Read More
rev command in Linux is used to reverse the lines characterwise. This utility basically reverses the order of the characters in each line by copying… Read More
wall command in Linux system is used to write a message to all users. This command displays a message, or the contents of a file,… Read More
rename command in Linux is used to rename the named files according to the regular expression perlexpr. It can change the name of the multiple… Read More
watch command in Linux is used to execute a program periodically, showing output in fullscreen. This command will run the specified command in the argument… Read More
The last command in Linux is used to display the list of all the users logged in and out since the file /var/log/wtmp was created.… Read More