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iotop or Input/Output top is a command in Linux which is used to display and monitor the disk IO usage details and even gets a… Read More
useradd is a command in Linux that is used to add user accounts to your system. It is just a symbolic link to adduser command… Read More
usermod command or modify user is a command in Linux that is used to change the properties of a user in Linux through the command… Read More
Pstree command in Linux that shows the running processes as a tree which is a more convenient way to display the processes hierarchy and makes… Read More
nice command in Linux helps in execution of a program/process with modified scheduling priority. It launches a process with a user-defined scheduling priority. In this,… Read More
dstat is a tool that is used to retrieve information or statistics form components of the system such as network connections, IO devices, or CPU,… Read More
dig command stands for Domain Information Groper. It is used for retrieving information about DNS name servers. It is basically used by network administrators. It… Read More
mpstat is a command that is used to report processor related statistics. It accurately displays the statistics of the CPU usage of the system. It… Read More
iftop is a network analyzing tool used by system administrators to view the bandwidth related stats. It shows a quick overview of the networking activities… Read More
When you delete a file from Linux or from any os, then the file is not deleted permanently from the hard disk. When a file… Read More
route command in Linux is used when you want to work with the IP/kernel routing table. It is mainly used to set up static routes… Read More
pidof command is used to find out the process IDs of a specific running program. It is basically an identification number that is automatically assigned… Read More
Split command in Linux is used to split large files into smaller files. It splits the files into 1000 lines per file(by default) and even… Read More
vnstat is a command-line tool in Linux that is generally used by system administrators in order to monitor network parameters such as bandwidth consumption or… Read More
Linux as an operating system holds the capabilities of handling multiple users. So it is important to keep a check on the users and their… Read More