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autoreconf is a Autotool which is used to create automatically buildable source code for Unix-like systems. Autotool is a common name for autoconf, automake, etc.… Read More
gzexe command is used to compress executable files and also used to automatically uncompress and execute the files. This utility is very useful on systems… Read More
chsh command in Linux is used to change the user’s login shell(currently login shell). Shell is an interactive user interface with an operating system and… Read More
The ifup command basically brings the network interface up, allowing it to transmit and receive data. Technically ifup command is used to configure network interfaces… Read More
reset command in Linux system is used to initialize the terminal. This is useful once a program dies leaving a terminal in an abnormal state.… Read More
ctags command in Linux system is used for the with the classic editors. It allows quick access across the files (For example quickly seeing definition… Read More
arp command manipulates the System’s ARP cache. It also allows a complete dump of the ARP cache. ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol. The primary… Read More
All files in a Linux filesystem are arranged in form of a big tree rooted at ‘/‘.These files can be spread out on various devices… Read More
rmdir command is used remove empty directories from the filesystem in Linux. The rmdir command removes each and every directory specified in the command line… Read More
gdb is the acronym for GNU Debugger. This tool helps to debug the programs written in C, C++, Ada, Fortran, etc. The console can be… Read More
dumpe2fs command is used to print the super block and blocks group information for the filesystem present on device. Can be used with ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem… Read More
Linux operating system represents everything in a file system, the hardware devices that we attach are also represented as a file. The terminal is also… Read More
gunzip command is used to compress or expand a file or a list of files in Linux. It accepts all the files having extension as… Read More
htop command in Linux system is a command line utility that allows the user to interactively monitor the system’s vital resources or server’s processes in… Read More
reboot command is used restart or reboot the system. In a Linux system administration, there comes a need to restart the server after the completion… Read More