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The basic dialog window is an overlay positioned within the viewport and is protected from page content which is jQuery’s User Interface. To disable the… Read More
Menu widget in jQuery UI creates a menu that contains items and sub-items in a sub-menu related to a particular item on the menu. Menu… Read More
Given a function and the task is to get the name of function that is currently running using JavaScript. Approach 1: Using arguments.callee method: It… Read More
jQuery mask is a jQuery plugin that helps in putting on a mask on the basic HTML input fields and other elements. If the developer… Read More
Method 1: Using the css() method: The css() method is used to get or set CSS properties of a selected element. It takes two arguments,… Read More
The tooltip widget in jQuery UI is different from the traditional tooltip primarily by making it more themeable and making it much more customizable. Some… Read More
Both the jQueryUI method the returns the object which contains integer co-ordinate properties of the top and left positions. The positions of top and left… Read More
The ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+x and a right-click of the mouse is used to copy, paste and cut anything from anywhere. It can be disable for… Read More
A page can be reloaded after a specific number of seconds in jQuery using two approaches. Using location.reload() Method Using history.go(0) Method Using location.reload() Method:… Read More
In Bootstrap 4, there is no default option for changing (-, +) symbol with a button accordion. Hence it can be done by using jQuery.… Read More
A vertical or horizontal bar that is located at the corners of the page helps us to scroll the pages or containers upwards, downwards or… Read More
In order to set caret cursor position in content editable elements like div tag is carried over by JavaScript Range interface. The range is created… Read More
The task is to select an HTML element/node by ID using jQuery when the ID itself contains a DOT (‘ . ‘). Not only dots(.)… Read More
The Checkboxes are used to let a user select one or more options for a limited number of choices. The :checkbox selector selects input elements… Read More
The task is to execute a series of functions sequentially in JavaScript. That is, execute function two ONLY after the first function has completed its… Read More

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