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The String.fromCodePoint() is an inbuilt method in JavaScript that is used to return a string or an element for the given sequence of code point… Read More
The string.length is a property in JavaScript which is used to find the length of a given string. The string.length property returns 0 if the… Read More
The string.slice() is an inbuilt method in javascript that is used to return a part or slice of the given input string.Syntax:  string.slice(startingIndex, endingIndex) Parameters:… Read More
The string.localeCompare() is an inbuilt method in JavaScript that is used to compare any two elements and returns a positive number if the reference string… Read More
The string.repeat() is an inbuilt function in JavaScript that is used to build a new string containing a specified number of copies of the string… Read More
The JavaScript String valueOf() Method is an inbuilt method in JavaScript that is used to return the value of the given string.Syntax:  string.valueOf() Parameters: It… Read More
A regular expression is a sequence of characters that forms a search pattern. The search pattern can be used for text search and text to… Read More
In JavaScript, the includes() method determines whether a string contains the given characters within it or not. This method returns true if the string contains the… Read More
JavaScript str.substr() method returns the specified number of characters from the specified index from the given string. It basically extracts a part of the original… Read More
The JavaScript String trim() method is used to remove the white spaces from both ends of the given string.  There are two more functions that… Read More
The Javascript str.charCodeAt() method returns a Unicode character set code unit of the character present at the index in the string specified as the argument. … Read More
The JavaScript String.fromCharCode() method is used to create a string from the given sequence of UTF-16 code units. This method returns a string, not a… Read More
The Javascript str.startsWith() method is used to check whether the given string starts with the characters of the specified string or not. This method is case-sensitive.… Read More
JavaScript String lastIndexOf() method finds the index of the last occurrence of the argument string in the given string. The value returned is 0-based. Syntax:… Read More
JavaScript String toUpperCase() method converts the entire string to Upper case. This method does not affect any of the special characters, digits, and the alphabets… Read More

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