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Prior to Java 8 when we need to concatenate a group of strings we need to write that code manually in addition to this we… Read More
Given a list of characters. Write a Java program to convert the given list to a string. Input : list = {'g', 'e', 'e', 'k',… Read More
The merge(StringJoiner other) of StringJoiner adds the contents of the given StringJoiner without prefix and suffix as the next element if it is non-empty. If… Read More
The setEmptyValue(CharSequence emptyValue) of StringJoiner sets the sequence of characters to be used when determining the string representation of this StringJoiner and no elements have… Read More
The toString() of StringJoiner is used to convert StringJoiner to String. It returns the current value, consisting of the prefix, the values added so far… Read More
The length() of StringJoiner is used to find out the length of the StringJoiner in characters. It returns the length of the String representation of… Read More
The add(CharSequence newElement) of StringJoiner adds a copy of the given CharSequence value as the next element of the StringJoiner value. If newElement is null,… Read More
StringJoiner is a class in java.util package is used to construct a sequence of characters(strings) separated by a delimiter and optionally starting with a supplied… Read More

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