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The inheritance hierarchy can be seen easily in the table of the database. In Hibernate we have three different strategies available for Inheritance Mapping Table… Read More
Hibernate is a Java framework that implements ORM(Object Relational Mapping) design pattern. It is used to map java objects into a relational database. It internally… Read More
Hibernate is storing the freshly inserted objects in the second-level cache. Because of this, there is always the possibility of OutOfMemoryException when  Inserting more than… Read More
In general, a student can have an address/employee can have an address. For these kind of requirements, we can follow Component mapping. It is nothing… Read More
In Hibernate, in order to go for an ordered collection of items, mostly List is the preferred one, Along with List, we have different collection… Read More
Collection elements are much needed to have one-to-many, many-to-many, relationships, etc., Any one type from below can be used to declare the type of collection… Read More
For a multi-national company, usually, selections are happened based on technical questions/aptitude questions. If we refer to a question, each will have a set of… Read More
Hibernate supports both List and Bag Mapping and Set Mapping too. Hence there will be a tradeoff, regarding which is the best data type to… Read More
SortedSet can be viewed in a group of elements and they do not have a duplicate element and ascending order is maintained in its elements.… Read More
SortedMap is a map that always maintains its corresponding entries in ascending key order. In Hibernate, using the <map> element and ‘sort’ as ‘natural’ we… Read More
Hibernate by means of a Native SQL facility, can directly interact with the database like MySQL, Oracle, etc., and all the database-specific queries can be… Read More
The process of Hibernate Logging by Log4j using an XML file deals with the ability of the computer programmer to write the log details of… Read More
Hibernate is an open-source, ORM(Object Relational Mapping) framework that provides CRUD operations in the form of objects. It is a non-invasive framework. It can be… Read More
Apache log4j is a java-based logging utility. Apache log4j role is to log information to help applications run smoothly, determine what’s happening, and debug processes… Read More
Hibernate is a framework that provides some abstraction layer, meaning that the programmer does not have to worry about the implementations, it does the implementations… Read More

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