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The IdentityHashMap, WeakHashMap, and EnumMap all are the classes in java collection that implements the Map interface. But there are few differences exists between them.… Read More
EnumMap is a Map implementation that has enum values as its keys. Now, you all may be wondering what is enum, right? Well, enum is… Read More
EnumMap and EnumSet both are the classes defined inside the java collection. In this article, we will learn the differences between EnumMap and EnumSet. EnumMap… Read More
EnumMap and HashMap both are the classes that implement the Map interface. But there are some differences that exist between them. So we have tried… Read More
The Java.util.EnumMap.get(Object key) method in Java is used to give the mapped value of the specified key. Syntax: get(Object key) Parameter: The method takes one… Read More
The Java.util.EnumMap.keySet() method in Java is used to return the set view of the keys contained in the map. Syntax: Enum_Map.keySet() Parameters: The method does… Read More
The Java.util.EnumMap.putAll(map) method in Java is used to copy all the mappings from one map to a newer one. Older mappings are replaced in a… Read More
The Java.util.EnumMap.put(key, value) method in Java is used to associated specified key-value pair. In this case, if the values are repeated, the older values are… Read More
The Java.util.EnumMap.values() method in Java is used to create a collection out of the values of the map. It basically returns a Collection view of… Read More
The Java.util.EnumMap.remove(key) method in Java is used to remove the specified key from the map. Syntax: remove(Object key) Parameters: The method takes one parameter key… Read More
The Java.util.EnumMap.size() method in java is used to know the size of the map or the number of elements present in the map. Syntax: Enum_Map.size()… Read More
The Java.util.EnumMap.containsValue(value) method in Java is used to determine whether one or more key of the map is associated with a given value or not.… Read More
The Java.util.EnumMap.containsKey(key) method is used to check whether a specified key mentioned in the parameter is present in this map or not. Syntax: boolean containsKey(Object… Read More
The Java.util.EnumMap.clone() method in Java is used to copy the mapped values of one map to another. It basically creates a shallow copy of this… Read More
The Java.util.EnumMap.entrySet() method in Java used to create a set out of the elements contained in the EnumMap. It basically returns a set view of… Read More

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