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Here we will be discussing one of the features introduces as an ailment in Java10. This article describes the class data sharing features that can… Read More
In object-oriented programming languages with garbage collection, object resurrection is when an object comes back to life during the process of object destruction, as a… Read More
Class is the collection of objects. Class is not a real-world entity it is just only templates and prototypes or blueprints. Class does not occupy… Read More
Every class in Java has a unique lock which is nothing but class level lock.  If a thread wants to execute a static synchronized method,… Read More
Every object in java has a unique lock. Whenever we are using a synchronized keyword, then only the lock concept will come into the picture.… Read More
The StringBuilder in Java represents a mutable sequence of characters. Since the String Class in Java creates an immutable sequence of characters, the StringBuilder class… Read More
Prerequisite: Array class, Arrays class The Array class in java.lang.reflect package is a part of the Java Reflection. This class provides static methods to dynamically… Read More
The Array class in java.lang.reflect package is a part of the Java Reflection. This class provides static methods to dynamically create and access Java arrays.… Read More
Prerequisite: Future and callable Future: A Future interface provides methods to check if the computation is complete, to wait for its completion and to retrieve… Read More
The idea is to use static member in the class to count objects. A static member is shared by all objects of the class, all… Read More
Byte class is a wrapper class for the primitive type byte which contains several methods to effectively deal with a byte value like converting it… Read More
Pre-requisite: Linked List Data Structure Like arrays, Linked List is a linear data structure. Unlike arrays, linked list elements are not stored at the contiguous… Read More
The term Object-Oriented explains the concept of organizing the software as a combination of different types of objects that incorporates both data and behavior. Hence,… Read More
Generalization is the process of taking out common properties and functionalities from two or more classes and combining them together into another class which acts… Read More
A KeyValue is a Tuple from JavaTuples library that deals with only 2 elements – a key and a value. Since this KeyValue is a… Read More