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The deepToString() method of the Arrays class returns the string representation of the deep contents of the specified Object array. Unlike Arrays. toString(), if the… Read More
Array is contiguous memory allocation while LinkedList is a block of elements randomly placed in the memory which are linked together where a block is… Read More
LinkedHashMap is a pre-defined class in java like HashMap. The only difference between LinkedHashMap and HashMap is LinkedHashMap preserve insertion order while HashMap does not… Read More
Array is a group of like-typed variables that are referred to by a common name. Java arrays can be both types namely primitive data types… Read More
The Single Data structure cannot be able to fulfill the requirements of the programmers that’s why there are a lot of inbuilt Data-Structures in Programming… Read More
Java double array is used to store double data type values only. The default value of the elements in a double array is 0. We… Read More
The array is a linear data structure containing elements whose size is defined at the time of creation and can hold both object and primitive… Read More
Multidimensional arrays in Java are common and can be termed as an array of arrays. Data in a two-dimensional array in Java is stored in… Read More
Sorting an array can be done by using inbuilt sort function while for the insertion we have to create a new array to do so… Read More
In java, the arrays are immutable i.e if the array is once assigned or instantiated the memory allocated for the array can’t be decreased or… Read More
Given two arrays, the task is to merge or concatenate them and store the result into another array. Examples: Input: arr1[] = { 1, 3,… Read More
Given two given arrays of equal length, the task is to find if given arrays are equal or not. Two arrays are said to be… Read More
Prerequisite – Different ways to create objects in Java Java programming language is all about classes and objects as it is an object-oriented programming language.… Read More
Strings are defined as an array of characters. The difference between a character array and a string is the string is terminated with a special… Read More
The data structure is a way of storing and organizing data efficiently such that the required operations on them can be performed efficiently concerning time… Read More

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