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Round 1: IBM Cognify Time: 30 minutes A 30 min test aptitude/ cognitive test asks puzzle types of questions. You can see the types of… Read More
Round 1: Coding Test The first round was a coding round of 30 min for only one question. The code was simple. The question was… Read More
Each round was an elimination round and all rounds were conducted in online mode. Round 1: Coding Assessment 30 min for 1 question. Leetcode Easy… Read More
Round 1(5 Cognitive Ability Games): Almost everyone who appeared for the 1st round was shortlisted for the 2nd round. Coding Round 1: Conducted on Hackerrank… Read More
Over a few years, our country has witnessed many pathetic incidents happening to women of all age groups on social media as well in reality.… Read More
Hello Everyone, Everything held virtual. As it was an off-campus event. All stages are Elimination Rounds. There were 4 rounds. Experience is based on my… Read More
Round 1(Coding Test): The first round comprised of 1 coding question (Test Duration: 1 hour):- (Valid Password Checker): The next day the results had… Read More
Education: B.Tech- Biomedical Engineering  Date of Visit: January 2021 College: VIT Vellore Location: Bangalore  Years of Experience: zero, Fresher. Company: IBM- GTS labs Title/Level: Fulltime… Read More
IBM visited our campus for internships. Round 1(Online Test): The test contained some logical questions and games.  Round 2(Technical Round): Tell me about yourself. What… Read More
IBM Company conducts 3-4 rounds to select freshers as Software Developer in their organization. The first round is an Aptitude test, the second round is… Read More
Education: B.Tech- Electronics and Communication Engineering (Tier-2 college) Years of Experience: zero, Fresher. Company: IBM- GTS labs Title/Level: Fixed Term Hiring – 2 years ,… Read More
Interviews are virtual and on webex Round 1: It consisted of 5 games.  First one was similar to Dijkstra’s algo. One ball(blue) will be there… Read More
This interview experience is for Associate Developer role at IBM in their GBS vertical.  There was three written round , one coding round  and one… Read More
IBM has a slightly different process as compared to other Mass recruitment companies.  In this article you will find the brief description about the different… Read More
Watson Discovery Service is a new suite of APIs that enables you to ingest, normalize, enrich, index, search, and explore your data, both structured and… Read More

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