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Sometimes HTML tables contain empty cells. The DOM Style emptyCells is used to display borders and background for the empty cells. Syntax: It is used… Read More
The HTML DOM Style backgroundPosition : It sets or returns position of the background-image in an element. Syntax: To get the backgroundPosition property To… Read More
The DOM Style border Property is used to sets or returns the style of an element’s border.We can set the different style of the border… Read More
The borderTopColor property allows us to set/get the color of top border of element. Syntax:  It returns the borderTopColor property. It is used to set… Read More
The borderLeftColor property allows us to set/get the color to left border of element. Syntax:  It is used to return the borderLeftColor property. It is… Read More
The isTrusted event property is used for checking whether an event is trusted or not. Return Value: It returns True if an event is trusted… Read More
The borderRightColor property allows us to set/get the color to right border of element. Syntax: It is used to return the borderRightColor property. It… Read More
The fullscreenElement property in HTML is used to return the element that is currently in fullscreen. This property may require specific prefixes to work with… Read More
The HTML DOM Location Port property returns or sets the port number of the current URL. Syntax: Get the port property: location.port Set the port… Read More
The DOM accessKey property is used to set or return the accesskey attribute of an element. Syntax : For Set the accessKey : HTMLElementObject.accessKey =… Read More
The DOM Style borderImage Property in HTML is a shorthand property used for setting the borderImageSource, borderImageSlice, borderImageWidth, borderImageOutset and borderImageRepeat properties.Syntax:   It is used… Read More
The stopPropagation() method is used to stop propagation of event calling. That is a parent event is called we can stop the propagation of calling… Read More
The timeStamp Event property is used to get the timestamp of when a particular event is created. It basically returns the difference in time (in… Read More
The cancelable Event property is used to indicate whether or not an event can have its default actions prevented. If the default actions can be… Read More
The inputType property is used to know the type of change that is made to a particular input field or any other editable content by… Read More