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The databases() method of the indexedDB interface returns a list representing all the available databases in the document, with their names and versions. Syntax: dbs… Read More
The indexedDB deleteDatabase() method is used to request the deletion of a database. The method returns an IDBOpenDBRequest object immediately and performs the deletion operation… Read More
The indexedDB cmp() method is used to compare two values as keys to determine equality and ordering for further IndexedDB operations. Syntax: var result =… Read More
The Window.crypto property returns the crypto object associated with the global object. This is a read-only property. This object allows web pages to access certain… Read More
The console dirxml() method is used to display an interactive tree of the descendant elements of the specified XML/HTML element. The output is represented as a… Read More
The crypto getRandomValues() method lets you get cryptographic random values. The array given as the parameter to this method gets filled with cryptographic random numbers.… Read More
The customElements define() method is used to define a new custom element. There are two types of custom elements that can be created: Autonomous custom… Read More
The customElements upgrade() method upgrades all shadow-containing custom elements of the document in a node subtree, even before they are connected to the main document.… Read More
The customElements get() method returns the constructor used for a previously-defined custom element. Syntax: constructor = customElements.get('custom-element-name'); Parameters: name: The name of the custom element… Read More
The getRootNode() method returns the node object’s root node, it optionally also includes the shadow root if it is available. Syntax: var rootNode = node.getRootNode(Composed:boolean);… Read More
The devicePixelRatio property returns the ratio of the resolution in physical pixels to the resolution in CSS pixels for the current device. In simpler terms,… Read More
The customElements property returns a reference to a CustomElementRegistry object, which can be further used to register new custom elements and hence get information about… Read More
The createObjectURL() method creates a DOMString containing a URL representing the object given in the parameter of the method. The new object URL represents the… Read More
The window document returns a reference to the document contained in the current window. Syntax: doc = window.document; Return Value: This property returns a reference… Read More
The code property of the DOMException interface returns a short number that contains the error code of the exception error, or 0 if none match.… Read More