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The open() method of the indexedDB interface requests opening a connection to a database. This method returns an IDBOpenDBRequest object immediately and performs the open… Read More
The NodeIterator filter property returns a NodeFilter object, which is an object that implements an acceptNode(node) method, used to screen nodes. While creating a NodeIterator,… Read More
The MediaStream active property returns the Boolean value for currently active stream in the HTML document. This property is read-only. If the stream is currently… Read More
The createRange() method creates a new Range object for the document. Syntax: range = document.createRange(); Parameters: This method does not accept any parameters. Return Value:… Read More
The queueMicrotask() method, queues a microtask to be executed at a safe time prior to control returning to the browser’s event loop. The microtask is… Read More
The Window scroll() method scrolls the window to a particular place in the document. This method is different form scrollTo() method as it takes different… Read More
The window origin property returns the origin of the global scope, serialized as a string of the window. Syntax: var origin = self.origin; Return Value:… Read More
The TreeWalker previousSibling() method moves the current Node to its previous sibling if any and returns the found sibling. If no such child exists in… Read More
The TreeWalker currentNode property represents the Node on which the current TreeWalker is pointing. Syntax: To get the currentNode: node = treeWalker.currentNode; To set the… Read More
HTML DOM Window.location property returns a Location object that contains information about the current location of the document. Window.location is read only property. Syntax: var… Read More
The TreeWalker previousNode() method moves the current Node to the previous visible node in the document order and returns the found node. If no such… Read More
HTML DOM Window navigator property is used to return a Navigator object. This Navigator object  contains methods and properties of the application which is run… Read More
The TreeWalker filter property returns a Filter node that is a filtering object associated with the created TreeWalker. It is a read-only property. When creating… Read More
The root property for NodeIterator returns the Node that is the root on which the NodeIterator traverses. This is a read-only property. Syntax: root = nodeIterator.root;… Read More
The NodeIterator whatToShow property returns an unsigned integer representing a bitmask signifying what types of nodes should be returned by the NodeIterator. This is a… Read More