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Semi-structured data is the data which does not conforms to a data model but has some structure. It lacks a fixed or rigid schema. It… Read More
One of the three components of Hadoop is Map Reduce. The first component of Hadoop that is, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is responsible for… Read More
The definition of a powerful person has changed in this world. A powerful is one who has access to the data. This is because data… Read More
Overview: Apache Hadoop is an open source framework intended to make interaction with big data easier, However, for those who are not acquainted with this… Read More
Prerequisites – Introduction to Hadoop, Apache HBase HBase architecture has 3 main components: HMaster, Region Server, Zookeeper. Figure – Architecture of HBase All the 3… Read More
Hadoop is an open source framework overseen by Apache Software Foundation which is written in Java for storing and processing of huge datasets with the… Read More
What is Hadoop? Hadoop is an open source software programming framework for storing a large amount of data and performing the computation. Its framework is… Read More