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Given a string str, the task is to find the minimum numbers of substrings that the given string S can be split into, such that… Read More
The Google online challenge 2020 for summer internships 2021 was held on August 16. It was a 60-minute online test having 2 questions to code.… Read More
The first thing, that there is no online coding round in Google for an internship. So the first shortlisting is done on the basis of… Read More
Last week I took the Google Online Challenge. I got this opportunity by enrolling with the Google Cloud Career Readiness track! and successfully completing Coursera… Read More
Given an array of strings arr[], consisting of N strings each representing dot separated numbers in the form of software versions. Input: arr[] = {“1.1.2”,… Read More
In 2020, Google and Microsoft are very well established and are known worldwide. Google and Microsoft, both are American multinational technology companies. They are known… Read More
Given a 2D screen arr[][] where each arr[i][j] is an integer representing the color of that pixel, also given the location of a pixel (X,… Read More
Given two integer N and D, the task is to find the size of the smallest string that contains all permutations of length N that can… Read More
Given an encoded string str consisting of digits and * which can be filled by any digit 1 – 9, the task is to find… Read More
Given S stacks of length M, the task is to maximize the sum of elements at the top of each stack by popping at most… Read More
The shortlisting was done through our university based on our resume and academic performance. I was shortlisted and had two interviews of 45 minutes, each… Read More
Given a string s, our task is to move all the occurrence of letter x to the end of the string s using recursion.Note: If… Read More
Question :Given an array having 2n elements you can choose n elements from either end of the array such that the values obtained result in… Read More
I was contacted by a Google recruiter in Singapore on LinkedIn. They were hiring new grads (2020) for offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad. I confirmed… Read More
Disclaimer: I could not mention the exact questions asked to me due to an agreement, however I tried to describe the topics as best as I… Read More

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