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Round 1: It was Hackerrank test for 2 hours. Both questions were matrix based Given a matrix consisting of only zeroes and ones.Cell containing 1… Read More
Recently, GS visited our college during internships to recruit ‘Summer Analysts’ for 2019. Round 1 was an online test hosted on HackerRank. It was composed… Read More
Goldman Sachs had come to our campus to hire students for both Placements and Internships. This article describes the experience for internships but at the… Read More
Recently, Goldman Sachs conducted a set of tests in our college in order to select summer interns and I’ll try to note my experience in… Read More
Problem Statement: Two persons are supposed to meet a spot in a time interval of one hour. The person who comes first will wait for… Read More
Given a rope. We have to find the probability of cutting a rope into 3 pieces such that they form a triangle. Answer: 0.25 Explanation:… Read More
Round 1: The first round comprised of 1 coding question and 9 MCQ questions. Coding question : MCQs were asked from maths, data structures… Read More
Lazy loading (also called on-demand loading) is an optimization technique for the online content, be it a website or a web app. Instead of loading… Read More
I had a chance to interview with Goldman Sachs through the Women Engineers Campus Hiring Program. A 90 minute online test was conducted on Hackerrank… Read More
CODING ROUND: There were 8 mcqs and 1 coding question. Each mcq carried 10 marks while the coding question comprised 20 marks wth partial marking… Read More
Online Test – Hackerrank 9 questions, 60 minutes Q1 (Coding) How many quadrilaterals are possible with the 4 coordinates given to you as a 2D… Read More
Internship Role: Summer Analyst Hi I’m Bharat Reddy from NIT-Calicut. It was the last week of July that we heard that GS will be coming… Read More
ONLINE TEST: It was a  2 hour on-line test on hackerrank platform with 1 coding question (LCS), 9 MCQs related to computer science and 10… Read More
Interview Experience- Goldman Sachs Hi, I am Ashish Gupta, student of Mathematics and Computing branch, Delhi Technological University. I recently gave interview for Goldman Sachs… Read More
An online test was conducted on hackerrank. Out of 10, 000 girls, around 70 girls were selected for the FTE & internship interview held at… Read More