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Goldman Sachs conducted a Code Sprint where 6 challenges were given. I solved 4 of them and was ranked below 1600 out of 10120 candidates.… Read More
Given a string on length N. You can swap only the adjacent elements and each element can be swapped atmost once. Find the no of… Read More
I got a call from a consulting firm regarding this opening.  Round 1: Hackerank Online test:(1.5 hours) It had two questions. you have to pass… Read More
Given an array of positive numbers, calculate the number of possible contiguous subarrays having product lesser than a given number K. Examples :  Input :… Read More
Given a string, find the repeated character present first in the string.(Not the first repeated character, found here.)  Examples:  Input : geeksforgeeks Output : g… Read More
Round 1: HackerRank Test – 90 min 1: Find the total lattice points on the circumference of a circle. Ref: 2: Question on Graph… Read More
Given two sorted arrays, we need to merge them in O((n+m)*log(n+m)) time with O(1) extra space into a sorted array, when n is the size… Read More
Goldman Sachs conducted on campus hiring for tech interns in our campus. CGPA cutoff: 7.0 Branches Eligible: All circuital branches Online Round: An online round… Read More
Goldman Sachs These are the CS questions asked in the written round of GS in this year’s campus internship. There are 36 horses. We have… Read More
Online Round 1. Coding (Questions: 2 ,Marks: (15+35), 5 MCQs; Time: 60 min) 2. Machine Learning (Questions: 10 MCQs; Time: 30 min) 3. Quant (Questions:… Read More
Given a string, Find the 1st repeated word in a stringExamples:  Input : "Ravi had been saying that he had been there" Output : had… Read More
Recently Goldman Sachs came to our campus to recruit FTEs and interns. All students from Circuit Branches were eligible to apply. I will write about… Read More
Goldman Sachs visited our campus for the very first time for FT and internship. The selection process consisted of an online round followed by 4… Read More
First Round: It was an online round on hackerrank platform, comprising of 2 coding questions and 5 MCQs. The MCQs were based on OOPs, Data… Read More
The company basically selects students based on 3 categories:- Coding(DS and Algorithms), Machine Learning and Quant( Mathematics and Puzzles). There were about 250 students who… Read More