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If all the edge weights of an undirected graph are positive, then any subset of edges that connects all the vertices and has minimum total… Read More
A problem in NP is NP-complete if   (A) It can be reduced to the 3-SAT problem in polynomial time (B) The 3-SAT problem can… Read More
In a binary tree, the number of internal nodes of degree 1 is 5, and the number of internal nodes of degree 2 is 10.… Read More
Which of the following DMA transfer modes and interrupt handling mechanisms will enable the highest I/O band-width?   (A) Transparent DMA and Polling interrupts (B)… Read More
The addition of 4-bit, two’s complement, binary numbers 1101 and 0100 results in   (A) 0001 and an overflow (B) 1001 and no overflow (C)… Read More
Given a boolean function f (x1, x2, …, xn), which of the following equations is NOT true   (A) f (x1, x2, …, xn) =… Read More
Which regular expression best describes the language accepted by the non-deterministic automaton below?   (A) (a + b)* a(a + b)b (B) (abb)* (C) (a… Read More
In the context-free grammar below, S is the start symbol, a and b are terminals, and ϵ denotes the empty string S → aSa |… Read More
In the automaton below, s is the start state and t is the only final state.  Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now.  Practice GATE exam… Read More
For the set N of natural numbers and a binary operation f : N x N → N, an element z ∊ N is called… Read More
In a certain town, the probability that it will rain in the afternoon is known to be 0.6. Moreover, meteorological data indicates that if the… Read More

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