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An array X of n distinct integers is interpreted as a complete binary tree. The index of the first element of the array is 0.… Read More
A subnetted Class B network has the following broadcase address : Its subnet mask (A) is necessarily (B) is necessarily (C) is… Read More
A program on machine X attempts to open a UDP connection to port 5376 on a machine Y, and a TCP connection to port 8632… Read More
On a wireless link, the probability of packet error is 0.2. A stop-and-wait protocol is used to transfer data across the link. The channel condition… Read More
A link of capacity 100 Mbps is carrying traffic from a number of sources. Each source generates an on-off traffic stream; when the source is… Read More
A router has two full-duplex Ethernet interfaces each operating at 100 Mb/s. Ethernet frames are at least 84 bytes long (including the Preamble and the… Read More
In the 4B/5B encoding scheme, every 4 bits of data are encoded in a 5-bit codeword. It is required that the codewords have at most… Read More
Suppose that it takes 1 unit of time to transmit a packet (of fixed size) on a communication link. The link layer uses a window… Read More
A router uses the following routing table: A packet bearing a destination address arrives at the router. On which interface will it be forwarded?… Read More
Consider the following XML DTD describing course information in a university:Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now.  Practice GATE exam well before the actual exam with… Read More
In a database file structure, the search key field is 9 bytes long, the block size is 512 bytes, a record pointer is 7 bytes… Read More
Consider a relation R with five attributes V, W, X, Y, and Z. The following functional dependencies hold: VY→ W, WX → Z, and ZY… Read More
Consider the following structure chart diagram. The boxes have function names embedded in them, while the variables are indicated along the arcs. Given below are… Read More
A software program consists of two modules M1 and M2 that can fail independently, but never simultaneously. The program is considered to have failed if… Read More
The wait and signal operations of a monitor are implemented using semaphores as follows. In the following, x is a condition variable, mutex is a… Read More

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