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Tag Archives: GATE IT 2004

Given below are several usages of the anchor tag in HTML. <A HREF = "">Test Me</A> <A HREF = "/BASIC/testpage.html">Test Me</A> <A HREF = "testpage.html">Test… Read More
Consider an XML file called intro.xml and a document type definition (DTD) file intro.dtd as follows: intro.xml <?xml version = \"1.0\"?> <!DOCTYPE myMessage SYSTEM \"intro.dtd\"›… Read More
Suppose that the maximum transmit window size for a TCP connection is 12000 bytes. Each packet consists of 2000 bytes. At some point of time,… Read More
A TCP message consisting of 2100 bytes is passed to IP for delivery across two networks. The first network can carry a maximum payload of… Read More
In the TCP/IP protocol suite, which one of the following is NOT part of the IP header? (A) Fragment Offset (B) Source IP address (C)… Read More
Consider a simplified time slotted MAC protocol, where each host always has data to send and transmits with probability p = 0.2 in every slot.… Read More
Consider a parity check code with three data bits and four parity check bits. Three of the code words are 0101011, 1001101 and 1110001. Which… Read More
A 20 Kbps satellite link has a propagation delay of 400 ms. The transmitter employs the “go back n ARQ” scheme with n set to… Read More
Consider a 10 Mbps token ring LAN with a ring latency of 400 µs. A host that needs to transmit seizes the token. Then it… Read More
In a sliding window ARQ scheme, the transmitter’s window size is N and the receiver’s window size is M. The minimum number of distinct sequence… Read More
In a data link protocol, the frame delimiter flag is given by 0111. Assuming that bit stuffing is employed, the transmitter sends the data sequence… Read More
Consider a table T in a relational database with a key field K. A B-tree of order p is used as an access structure on… Read More
Consider two tables in a relational database with columns and rows as follows: Table: Student Roll_no Name Dept_id 1 ABC 1 2 DEF 1 3… Read More
Consider the following schedule S of transactions T1 and T2: T1 T2 Read(A)A = A – 10 Read (A)Temp = 0.2*A Write(A) Read(B) Write(A)Read(B) B… Read More
A table T1 in a relational database has the following rows and columns:  roll no.  marks  1  10  2  20  3  30  4  Null The… Read More