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A queue is implemented using an array such that ENQUEUE and DEQUEUE operations are performed efficiently. Which one of the following statements is CORRECT (n… Read More
A processor can support a maximum memory of 4 GB, where the memory is word-addressable (a word consists of two bytes). The size of the… Read More
We want to design a synchronous counter that counts the sequence 0-1-0-2-0-3 and then repeats. The minimum number of J-K flip-flops required to implement this… Read More
The 16-bit 2’s complement representation of an integer is 1111 1111 1111 0101; its decimal representation is   Note : This question was asked as… Read More
Consider the Boolean operator # with the following properties: x#0 = x, x#1 = x’, x#x = 0 and x#x’ = 1 Then x#y is… Read More
Two eigenvalues of a 3 x 3 real matrix P are (2 + √ -1) and 3. The determinant of P is _____   Note… Read More
A probability density function on the interval [a, 1] is given by 1 / x2 and outside this interval the value of the function is… Read More
  Note : This question was asked as Numerical Answer Type. (A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 2 (D) 3 Answer: (B) Explanation: Put y =… Read More
Let an be the number of n-bit strings that do NOT contain two consecutive 1s. Which one of the following is the recurrence relation for… Read More
Let p, q, r, s represent the following propositions. p: {8, 9, 10, 11, 12} q: x is a composite number r: x is a… Read More
In a process, the number of cycles to failure decreases exponentially with an increase in load. At a load of 80 units, it takes 100… Read More
If f(x) = 2x7 + 3x – 5 Which of the following is a factor of f(x)?Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now.  Practice GATE exam… Read More
Consider the following statements relating to the level of poker play of four players P, Q, R, and S. I P always beats Q II.… Read More
Indian currency notes show the denomination indicated in at least seventeen languages. If this is not an indication of the nation’s diversity, nothing else is.… Read More
A shaving set company sells 4 different types of razors, Elegance, Smooth, Soft and Executive. Elegance sells at Rs. 48, Smooth at Rs. 63, Soft… Read More

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