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Consider a uniprocessor system executing three tasks T1, T2 and T3, each of which is composed of an infinite sequence of jobs (or instances) which… Read More
The least number of temporary variables required to create a three-address code in static single assignment form for the expression q + r/3 + s… Read More
Let G be a connected planar graph with 10 vertices. If the number of edges on each face is three, then the number of edges… Read More
Suppose that the stop-and-wait protocol is used on a link with a bit rate of 64 kilobits per second and 20 milliseconds propagation delay. Assume… Read More
Consider the DFAs M and N given above. The number of states in a minimal DFA that accepts the language L(M) ∩ L(N) is __________.… Read More
Consider the NPDA 〈Q = {q0, q1, q2}, Σ = {0, 1}, Γ = {0, 1, ⊥}, δ, q0, ⊥, F = {q2}〉, where (as… Read More
A variable x is said to be live at a statement Si in a program if the following three conditions hold simultaneously: 1. There exists… Read More
Let an represent the number of bit strings of length n containing two consecutive 1s. What is the recurrence relation for an? (A) an–2 +… Read More
Consider a disk pack with a seek time of 4 milliseconds and rotational speed of 10000 rotations per minute (RPM). It has 600 sectors per… Read More
Consider a main memory with five page frames and the following sequence of page references: 3, 8, 2, 3, 9, 1, 6, 3, 8, 9,… Read More
Let G = (V, E) be a simple undirected graph, and s be a particular vertex in it called the source. For x ∈ V,… Read More
(A) 0 (B) -1 (C) 1 (D) infinite Answer: (B) Explanation: Let f(x) be the given function. We assume that \[\frac{1}{x} = z\] Differentiating both… Read More
Let G be a connected undirected graph with n vertices and m edges. Which of the following statements is true regarding the minimum number of… Read More
Consider the following C program segment. while (first <= last) {    if (array [middle] < search)       first = middle +1;    else if (array [middle] ==… Read More
Consider an Entity-Relationship (ER) model in which entity sets E1 and E2 are connected by an m : n relationship R12, E1 and E3 are… Read More