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With regard to the expressive power of the formal relational query languages, which of the following statements is true? (A) Relational algebra is more powerful… Read More
Relation R with an associated set of functional dependencies, F is decomposed into BCNF. The redundancy (arising out of functional dependencies) in the resulting set… Read More
The results returned by functions under value-result and reference parameter passing conventions (A) Do not differ (B) Differ in the presence of loops (C) Differ… Read More
In the C language (A) At most one activation record exists between the current activation record and the activation record for the main (B) The… Read More
Sign extension is a step in (A) floating point multiplication (B) signed 16 bit integer addition (C) arithmetic left shift (D) converting a signed integer… Read More
The 2′ s complement representation of the decimal value – 15 is (A) 1111 (B) 11111 (C) 111111 (D) 10001 Answer: (D) Explanation: We have… Read More
The decimal value 0.25 (A) is equivalent to the binary value 0.1 (B) is equivalent to the binary value 0.01 (C) is equivalent to the… Read More
Which of the following is not a form of memory? (A) instruction cache (B) instruction register (C) instruction opcode (D) translation lookaside buffer Answer: (C)… Read More
Minimum sum of product expression for f(w, x, y, z) shown in Karnaugh-map below is   yz\wx 00 01 11 10 00 0 1 1… Read More
In serial data transmission, every byte of data is padded with a ‘0’ in the beginning and one or two ‘I’ s at the end… Read More
In 8085, which of the following modifies the program counter ? (A) Only PCHL instruction (B) Only ADD instructions (C) Only JMP and CALL instructions… Read More
A device employing INTR line for device interrupt puts the CALL instruction on the data bus while A) is active B) HOLD is active C)… Read More
“If X, then Y unless Z” is represented by which of the following formulae in propositional logic? (“¬” is negation “^” is conjunction, and “→”… Read More
The language accepted by a Pushdown Automation in which the stack is limited to 10 items is best described as (A) Context Free (B) Regular… Read More
Which of the following is true? (A) The set of all rational negative numbers forms a group under multiplication. (B) The set of all non-singular… Read More

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