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Round 1: An online test consisted of sections-quantitative aptitude(15 minutes and 15 questions), domain(15 mins and 14 questions), verbal ability(15 minutes and 15 questions), logical reasoning(15… Read More
Round 1: First round was written round conducted on HirePro. It consisted of 2 coding questions and MCQs which comprised of technical(subject and output related)… Read More
Round 1: It was an online round conducted on Hackerrrank of 2 hours. The test had 4 sections- It comprised of 10 questions on English… Read More
Round 1:  It was a written test conducted on HirePro. The test consists of aptitude, English and some programming and computer science related MCQs. There… Read More
t was ON Campus for Executive Graduate Trainee. 1: Online test It had 2 rounds. First round had aptitude, verbal, reasoning, data interpretation and some… Read More
1st Round (Written)[45 minutes]: 32 MCQ Questions including Aptitude, English, Databases, Operating Systems and Computer Networks, OOPS, DSA concepts. – DSA: questions included choosing the… Read More
Firstly, an online round was conducted. It consisted of verbal and aptitude questions only. No technical or coding questions. Shortlisted 48 out of around 100… Read More

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