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Online Coding Round: This was the first round which was divided into 4 sections: English and Vocabulary: This consisted of MCQ questions based on basic… Read More
Fidelity investments visited our college to hire students for summer intern 2021. The CGPA cutoff for the 1st round was above 8.  1st round (online):… Read More
Round One: Round 1 is all about some verbal ability questions and technical questions from OOPs, SQL, DBMS, Networks, algorithms, and DSA.   Two simple… Read More
7th October 2020. Fidelity investments came to our college Vellore Institute of Technology to hire students for summer intern 2021. The CGPA cutoff for the… Read More
Round 1:(Online Round) The first round comprised of 4 sections : English, Programming, Coding and Algorithms (Test Duration: 2 hour) :- The first section consisted… Read More
Fidelity Investments visited MNIT, Jaipur campus for internships in 2018. Round 1: First was the online test round. They were innovative in this written test. They… Read More
Online Round: It consisted of four sections. The first section consisted of basic multiple choice questions that checked your proficiency in the English language.They comprised… Read More
Fidelity International came to our campus for hiring summer interns. There were three rounds conducted. Round 1: Online Round This round was conducted on Mettl.… Read More
Round 1: It was of 2 hours. The timing was fixed for every section and entering on a section you can not enter in it again.… Read More
Round 1: An online test consisted of sections-quantitative aptitude(15 minutes and 15 questions), domain(15 mins and 14 questions), verbal ability(15 minutes and 15 questions), logical reasoning(15… Read More
Round 1: First round was written round conducted on HirePro. It consisted of 2 coding questions and MCQs which comprised of technical(subject and output related)… Read More
Round 1: It was an online round conducted on Hackerrrank of 2 hours. The test had 4 sections- It comprised of 10 questions on English… Read More
Round 1:  It was a written test conducted on HirePro. The test consists of aptitude, English and some programming and computer science related MCQs. There… Read More
t was ON Campus for Executive Graduate Trainee. 1: Online test It had 2 rounds. First round had aptitude, verbal, reasoning, data interpretation and some… Read More
1st Round (Written)[45 minutes]: 32 MCQ Questions including Aptitude, English, Databases, Operating Systems and Computer Networks, OOPS, DSA concepts. – DSA: questions included choosing the… Read More