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A Line Chart is a graph or curve that is used to present the data information as a series of data points. These data points… Read More
A Bar Graph is a graph that represents the categorical data with rectangular bars with respect to the height and lengths of the bar, which… Read More
A comparison chart is a general kind of chart or diagram which shows the comparison of two or more objects or groups of objects. This… Read More
Charts are used to represent the data into graphical elements, which makes it very to easy to interpret the data; it becomes very useful if… Read More
In MS Excel, we can draw various charts, but among them today, we will see the interactive chart. By name, we can analyze that the… Read More
Scatter plots are one of the most frequently used charts for data analysis. There can be situations when you want to highlight a particular data… Read More
A contingency table, also known as a crosstab is used to show the relationship between two categorical variables. In excel, we can make a contingency… Read More
Ogive graph, the name might scare you, but believe me this is very simple to create. The ogive graph is a cumulative frequency graph. The… Read More
3 Axis Graphs in Excel are the graphs that have three axis. The need for a three-axis arises when the scale of the values is… Read More
Cumulative Frequency is the running total of frequencies starting from the very first frequency up to the last frequency. If we simplify the term running… Read More
Stem and Leaf plot is a histogram tabulation of data. Stem and leaf plot is better for data visualization and cleanliness of the data in… Read More
Speedometer Chart(Gauge Chart) is the chart that has a needle and points to the desired area in that chart. It depicts a needle in a… Read More
Gantt Chart is the most commonly used chart in project management. The more general definition of the Gantt chart is that it helps to keep… Read More
A bell curve represents a normal/gaussian distribution. The data in a gaussian distribution is centered around the mean. A Gaussian distribution is said to be… Read More
Column charts are used for making comparisons over time or illustrating changes. In the column chart the horizontal bar shoes categories while the vertical bar… Read More

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