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Three questions were asked.  I remember 2 only. Write your Interview Experience or mail it to My Personal Notes arrow_drop_up Save
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Recently Directi visited our campus for full time hiring for the position of Platform Engineer. Online Round:(90 min) It was conducted on codechef. There were… Read More
Known to have one of the most rigorous interviews in the industry. The company offers two positions Directi Database/ Web developer Application Engineer 1st… Read More
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The diameter of a tree (sometimes called the width) is the number of nodes on the longest path between two leaves in the tree. The… Read More
Directi came for the role of DevOps for the first time in our college. The selection process had Pen-Paper round followed by a Coding round… Read More
Directi came to our college to hire Software Developers. They came for 2 positions: Application Engineer and Platform Engineer. Coding Round This round was on… Read More
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