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1. Max() Function : max() function return the maximum value of given set. In the function a query is passed and in the eligible records… Read More
1. Rnd() Function : Rnd() function return the random number.if we want to generate a number between 0 to 1 then use only Rnd. Otherwise,… Read More
1. Sgn() Function : sgn() function returns sign of a number.if the number is positive then it returns 1 if number is equal to 0… Read More
1. Val() Function : val() function returns the number found in the string. In this function, it takes a string as a parameter and it… Read More
FIND_IN_SET() function used to find the position of a string within a list of strings. If the string is repeated multiple time, the output will… Read More
Prerequisite – Introduction of MS SQL Server and Create Database in MS SQL Server System databases can’t be deleted, only user databases could be deleted.… Read More
1. Left() Function : In MS Access the Left() function extract the string from the left of the string. In Left() function The string and… Read More
1. LTrim() Function : In MS Access LTrim() function remove all the leading spaces from the given string. In LTrim() function a string will be… Read More
Prerequisite – SQL Injection While checking for SQL injection we all discover various error messages. Let us figure out the basic cause behind each error… Read More
Prerequisite – Primary key in MS SQL Server SQL Server has different keys which serve a different purpose. In this article, the foreign key will… Read More
1. MINUTE() : The MySQL MINUTE() function is used for return the minute part of a datetime value. It can be between 0 to 59.When the… Read More
Suppose a table has 30 rows. A user wants to extract list of last 10 rows and skip topmost rows. To make job easier, the… Read More
Prerequisites – Insert statement in MS SQL Server, Select statement in MS SQL Server Consider a university database. There are two tables namely Student and… Read More
Prerequisite – SQL Commands 1. Data Definition Language (DDL) : Data Definition Language as the name suggests, it is used to define database schema. For… Read More
Prerequisite – Introduction of MS SQL Server 1. Left Join : A join combines the set of two tables only. A left join is used… Read More

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