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Estimations like mean, median, standard deviation, and variance are very much useful in case of the univariate data analysis. But in the case of bivariate… Read More
In the previous article, we have discussed some basic techniques to analyze the data, now let’s see the visual techniques. Let’s see the basic techniques… Read More
Exploratory Data Analysis is a technique to analyze data with visual techniques and all statistical results. We will learn about how to apply these techniques… Read More
Categorical Variable/Data (or Nominal variable): Such variables take on a fixed and limited number of possible values. For example – grades, gender, blood group type,… Read More
Prerequisite: Exploring Data Distribution | Set 1Terms related to Exploration of Data Distribution  -> Boxplot -> Frequency Table -> Histogram -> Density Plot To get… Read More
Whenever we work in data science and machine learning, our approach of handling the data and finding something useful out of it is based on… Read More

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