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Tag Archives: CSS-Properties

The font-stretch property in CSS is used to set the text wider or narrower. This property is not working any font. Its only work when… Read More
The justify-content property in CSS is used to describe the align of the flexible box container. It contains the space between and around content items… Read More
The columns-width property in CSS is used to define the width of the columns. The minimum number of columns are require to show the content… Read More
The column-span property of CSS sets the number of columns an element can span across. Its value can be none | all | initial |… Read More
The object-position property of CSS specifies how an image or video element is positioned with x/y coordinates inside its content box. Syntax: object-position: <position> |… Read More
The border-image-repeat property in CSS is used to scaling and tiling the border images. It can be used to match the middle part of the… Read More
The [attribute$=”value”] selector is used to select those elements whose attribute value ends with a specified value “value”. The value need not to be present… Read More
The background-size property in CSS is used to set the size of the background image. Syntax: background-size: auto|length|cover|contain|initial|inherit; Property Values: auto: It is used to… Read More
The border-image property in CSS is used to set the border of an element. Syntax: border-image: source slice width outset repeat|initial|inherit; The border-image property is… Read More
The bottom CSS Property allows the vertical position of an element to be altered. Bottom property is used to set the value of the position… Read More
In CSS background-position property is mainly used to set an image at a certain position.Syntax:   background-position: value; Property values: There are a few important property values… Read More
The font-size property in CSS is used to set the font size of text in HTML document. Syntax: font-size: medium|xx-small|x-small|small|large|x-large |xx-large|smaller|larger|length|initial|inherit; Property Values: absolute-size: The… Read More
The CSS border-image-outset property is a shorthand property used to specify the distance by which an element’s border image is placed outside its box. Note:… Read More
The grid-row-gap property in CSS is used to define the size of the gap between the grid elements. The user can specify the width of… Read More
The all property in CSS is the shorthand property that is used to set all the elements values to their initial or inherited values or… Read More