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Methods in C# programming language

Type.GetEnumName(Object) Method is used to return the name of the constant which has the specified value for the current enumeration type. Syntax: public virtual string… Read More
Type.GetElementType() Method is used to return the Type of the object encompassed or referred to by the current array, pointer or reference type when overridden… Read More
This method is used to acquire a standard error stream. This method can be used to reacquire the standard error stream after it has been… Read More
Type.FindInterfaces(TypeFilter, Object) Method is used to return an array of Type objects which represents a filtered list of interfaces implemented or inherited by the current… Read More
Type.GetConstructors() Method is used to get the constructors of the Type object. There are 2 methods in the overload list of this method as follows:… Read More
Type.FindMembers(MemberTypes, BindingFlags, MemberFilter, Object) Method is used to return a filtered array of MemberInfo objects of the specified member type. Syntax: public virtual System.Reflection.MemberInfo[] FindMembers… Read More
Type.Equals() Method is used to check whether the underlying system type of the current Type is the same as the underlying system type of the… Read More
Graphics.DrawLine() Method is used to draw a line connecting the two points specified by the coordinate pairs. There are 4 methods in the overload list… Read More
CharEnumerator.ToString() Method is used to get a string that represents the current object. It is inherited from the Object Class. Syntax: public virtual string ToString();… Read More
Uri.HexEscape(Char) Method is used to convert a specified character into its hexadecimal equivalent. Syntax: public static string HexEscape (char character); Here, it takes the character… Read More
Type.GetArrayRank() Method is used to get the number of dimensions in an array. Syntax: public virtual int GetArrayRank (); Return Value: This method returns an… Read More
Methods in C# are generally the block of codes or statements in a program which gives the user the ability to reuse the same code… Read More
The Next() Method of System.Random class in C# is used to get a random integer number. This method can be overloaded by passing different parameters… Read More
CharEnumerator.GetType() Method is used to get the type of the current instance. This method is inherited from the Object Class. Syntax: public Type GetType(); Return… Read More
CharEnumerator.Reset Method is used to initializes the index to a position logically before the first character of the enumerated string. Syntax: public void Reset ();… Read More