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Methods in C# programming language

Object.MemberwiseClone Method is used to create a shallow copy or make clone of the current Object. Shallow copy is a bit-wise copy of an object.… Read More
ArrayList.InsertRange(Int32, ICollection) Method in C# is used to insert the elements from a collection into the ArrayList at a specified index. That is the inserted… Read More
Enum.Format(Type, Object, String) Method is used to convert the specified value of a specified enumerated type to its equivalent string representation according to the specified… Read More
Enum.GetName(Type, Object) Method is used to get the name of the constant in the specified enumeration that has the specified value. Syntax: public static string… Read More
Enum.GetTypeCode Method is used to get the type code of the underlying type of this enumeration member. Syntax: public TypeCode GetTypeCode (); Returns: This method… Read More
Enum.GetHashCode Method is used to get the HashCode for the value of the current instance. This method is inherited from the Object class. Syntax: public… Read More
Enum.Equals(Object) Method is used to check whether the current instance is equal to a specified object or not. This method overrides ValueType.Equals(Object) to define how… Read More
Enum.CompareTo(Object) Method is used to compare the current instance to a specified object and returns an indication of their relative values. Syntax: public int CompareTo… Read More
Type.IsArrayImpl() Method is used when overridden in a derived class, implements the IsArray property and determines whether the Type is an array. Syntax: protected abstract… Read More
Type.IsAssignableFrom(Type) Method is used determine whether an instance of a specified type can be assigned to a variable of the current type. Syntax: public virtual… Read More
Type.GetTypeHandle() Method is used to get the handle for the Type of a specified object. Syntax: public static RuntimeTypeHandle GetTypeHandle (object o); Here, it takes… Read More
Type.HasElementTypeImpl() Method is used when overridden in a derived class, implementing the HasElementType property and determines whether the current Type encompasses or refers to another… Read More
Type.GetProperties() Method is used to get the properties of the current Type. There are 2 methods in the overload list of this method as follows:… Read More
Type.GetTypeCode() Method is used to get the underlying type code of the specified Type. Syntax: public static TypeCode GetTypeCode (Type type); Here, it takes the… Read More
Type.GetTypeArray() Method is used to get the types of the objects in the specified array. Syntax: public static Type[] GetTypeArray (object[] args); Here, it takes… Read More

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