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Online Round: C/C++ basics 20 questions for 25 minutes. Questions like print the output of the given program, what is a bipartite tree, the time… Read More
I received multiple requests for sharing my interview experience with Citi Corp and also around the whole process.  Test Process : The test has 4… Read More
Citicorp Pune,   visited our campus to recently to offer summer internships at Pune. Branches considered were Comp, IT, Entc. There was a PPT given by company… Read More
DE Shaw One coding question (Graph BFS – Number of islands ) 10MCQS( Technical)  Samsung Semiconductor(Bangalore) 3 Hour 1 coding question  Samsung research(Bangalore) 1.5 hours 3 coding question  Microsoft 1.5 hours 3… Read More
Citicorp Pune,  visited our campus to offer summer internship. Lat year they opened for circuital branches only and while having interview they asked our placement… Read More
Round 1: They conducted a 1 hr test on AMCAT. Consists of Quantitative, Verbal and Data Interpretation, which are around 45 questions. Round 2:  Shortlisted… Read More
1st Round (Online Test): MCQ test consisting of 3 sections: a. SQL/PL SQL : 20 ques 25 mins Questions were related to basic use of… Read More
Citicorp, Pune visited our campus to offer Summer Internship in a Summer Analyst profile. The company opened for only four branches, i.e. CSE, ECE, EEE… Read More
Citicorp (Citi Group/Bangalore) came to our campus for Full time Data analyst and intern profile.  Written round- There were 15 questions from quant’s, 10 questions from… Read More
  Given a binary tree, a target node in the binary tree, and an integer value k, print all the nodes that are at distance… Read More
 AVL Tree: AVL tree is a self-balancing Binary Search Tree (BST) where the difference between heights of left and right subtrees cannot be more than… Read More

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