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Tag Archives: C-C Quiz – 107

For the following declaration of a function in C, pick the best statement int [] fun(void (*fptr)(int *)); (A) It will result in compile error.… Read More
Pick the correct statement for const and volatile. (A) const is the opposite of volatile and vice versa. (B) const and volatile can’t be used… Read More
In a C program snippet, followings are used for definition of Integer variables? signed s; unsigned u; long l; long long ll; Pick the best… Read More
Which of the followings is correct for a function definition along with storage-class specifier in C language? (A) int fun(auto int arg) (B) int fun(static… Read More
Suppose a, b, c and d are int variables. For ternary operator in C ( ? : ), pick the best statement. (A) a>b ?… Read More

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