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Natural resources are resources that exist without human intervention and are found in the environment and developed without human involvement. They include air, sunlight, water,… Read More
Oxygen is a member of the chalcogen group of the periodic table, a highly reactive nonmetal that quickly forms oxides with most elements and other… Read More
Sun emits infrared rays which come to the earth. The earth absorbs some rays, and majorly it reflects the rays back to space. It helps… Read More
The practice of raising animals and selective breeding is known as Animal husbandry. It is the science of animal management and care, in which animals’… Read More
Cells are the underlying and useful units of living organic entities. They complete fundamental functionalities of our body. A group of these particular cells works… Read More
Manure is a material which is organic in form and uses as a fertilizer. Manure is formed from the water of animals or from the… Read More
Rain is made up of water droplets that have condensed due to evaporation. Cloud formation occurs during the water cycle. Precipitation is another word for… Read More
The water scenario is fast changing as a result of increasing population, rising demand for irrigation to raise high-yielding crops, industry, electricity generation, rapid urbanization,… Read More
Cells are one of the most important characteristics of living beings because they are the basic beginning of life. They are the basic unit of… Read More
A cropping system is the type and sequence of crops farmed, and the procedures employed to grow them. It includes all cropping sequences done over… Read More
Fertilizers are chemical chemicals that are added to the soil which promotes the growth of the plant and increases output. Farmers use these every day… Read More
Air pollution reflects the bad quality of the air. The pollution of polluted particles in the air is measured by the Air Quality Index (AQI).… Read More

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